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 [News] Privateer Press January releases

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Localisation : Valleiry (FR)
Date d'inscription : 03/07/2006

MessageSujet: [News] Privateer Press January releases   Mar 3 Oct - 13:09

Voila ce qui nous attend Wink

Citation :

Cygnar Rangers
PIP 31046 Unit Box of 6 Rangers, MSRP $29.99
Cunning and resourceful, Rangers are elite troops trained to blend into the terrain and mark enemy targets for Cygnaran gunners. Equipped with an array of signal gear and detailed maps, Rangers can blaze trails for friendly units and even bring them into the battle far behind the enemy’s lines.

Protectorate Daughters of the Flame
PIP 32046 Unit Box of 6 Daughters, MSRP $29.99
The Daughters are virtually all widows of fallen Menite soldiers. Possessing peerless grace, they become blurs of fluid motion in battle as they strike with synchronized precision. Their origins shrouded in mystery, the Daughters of the Flame have become a surgical tool for removing threats to the Protectorate both from within and without.

Khador Assault Kommandos
PIP 33046 Unit Box of 6 Kommandos, MSRP $29.99
PIP 33047 Blister of 2 Kommandos, MSRP $9.99
Armed with the most advanced weapons and equipment, Assault Kommandos are the finest light infantry the Motherland has to offer. These elite soldiers can ignore most of the hazards of modern war and blend canny marksmanship and determination with methodical ruthlessness.

Cryx Helldiver Bonejack
PIP 34049 Blister of 1 Helldiver & 1 Helldiver Marker, MSRP $11.99
After burrowing through the earth at frightening speeds, the Helldiver bonejack erupts from underfoot to shred every living thing within reach of its powerful jaws. The patient and methodical killer can wait in underground ambush for nearly indefinite periods, and Cryx has seeded many potential battlefields with scores of these black-iron monstrosities.

Trollblood Dire Troll Blitzer Heavy Warbeast
PIP 71008 Box of 1 Dire Troll Blitzer, MSRP $34.99
When the trollbloods mounted surplus rapid-fire cannons on their mammoth dire trolls, they effectively created walking siege engines. These mobile gun emplacements surge across the battlefield to crush and devour their opponents under a constant hail of fire. With a pyg ace working the cannon, the dire troll is free to run and fight while the shooting never stops.

Circle Orboros Druids of Orboros
PIP 72015 Unit Box of 6 Druids, MSRP $29.99
Younger initiates to the Circle, these Druids bring a mastery of elemental forces against their enemies. With a wave of their hands they can uproot and throw enormous rocks, wreath themselves in wind and mist to confound their foes, or disrupt and unravel the magic of enemy spellcasters.

Legion of Everblight Striders
PIP 73015 Unit Box of 6 Striders, MSRP $29.99
Striders serve as the Legion’s scouts and infiltrators. The blight transformed these former rangers into fleet hunters who navigate terrain with ease and twisted them into bitter, tainted killers who kill casually with a grim satisfaction. Striders keep to the shadows and trees to fall on fleeing enemies and mark the passage of the Legion with corpses.

Skorne Basilisk Krea Light Warbeast
PIP 74006 Blister of 1 Basilisk Krea, MSRP $14.99
For centuries the skorne used basilisk kreas only for breeding, but they have realized a potential for war inherent in the beasts. The krea’s ability to inhibit enemies and disrupt the connection between warlocks and warbeasts has proven invaluable when combined with its powerful jaws and the excited state it enters when fighting near a basilisk drake.

No Quarter Magazine Issue 10
PIP NQ10 1 Issue of No Quarter Magazine #10, MSRP $5.99
With bonding rules for warbeasts, the launch of the WARMACHINE league season, new druid classes, and a few surprises, issue 10 of No Quarter Magazine can’t miss.

PIP 1009 MSRP $24.99
Privateer Press presents your TOTAL rules authority for WARMACHINE. Now featuring shell-shocking full color, the award-winning game of steam-powered miniatures combat is tuned up, rearmed, and ready to turn your tabletop into an arena of destruction. Combining and updating all the basic game rules from the original Prime and the Escalation, Apotheosis, and Superiority expansions with a comprehensive errata and clarifications appendix, WARMACHINE: Prime Remix is your single, undisputed gaming resource for high octane, metal-on-metal action. Experience WARMACHINE like never before with brilliant new artwork, a Formula P3 painting guide, and new fiction about your favorite characters and factions.

Pour ma part les shredders vollants !! et une troupe Khador dont on ne sait pas encore grand chose ..

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Adorateur du flood

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Age : 31
Localisation : Belial IV
Date d'inscription : 10/07/2006

MessageSujet: Re: [News] Privateer Press January releases   Mar 3 Oct - 14:41

enfin,plus besoin d'acheter les fantassins francais style WW1

merci pour le heads-up
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Messager de la Garde impériale

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Localisation : Lausanne VD (CH)
Date d'inscription : 09/07/2006

MessageSujet: Re: [News] Privateer Press January releases   Mer 4 Oct - 11:20

"Cryx Helldiver Bonejack
PIP 34049 Blister of 1 Helldiver & 1 Helldiver Marker, MSRP $11.99"

12$!!! c'etait quoi le prix des bonejack, pas le meme, mais par 2 dans le blister?
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Berzerker de la dactylo

Nombre de messages : 265
Age : 50
Localisation : Ferney Voltaire
Date d'inscription : 04/07/2006

MessageSujet: Re: [News] Privateer Press January releases   Mer 4 Oct - 11:48

au niveau des prix ils se lachent un peu...

Hordes est pas donné, et quant on voit le prix de la cavalerie de superiority, ca fait presque rigoler. dans les 100 euros pour se faire une unité ce cavale.

vive les countas
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MessageSujet: Re: [News] Privateer Press January releases   

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[News] Privateer Press January releases
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